Segra City Shopwindow
For almost two years we've been working with Segra a plotter distributing company based in Guadalajara. During this process illustration has been a great way for us to promote the company and showcasing the quality of the products they sell.
But this time we wanted to go a little further, using their equipment we created a full cardboard city for them to display on their shopwindow.
First we started by developing a graphic style, color palette and elements that we would use. We made models to test the way the buildings would be assembled and distributed, we worked with layering so each item has a great ammount of detailing. 
The whole process took approximately 8 months and a group of more than 9 designers to put together. 
We want to thank Perro workshop for coordinating the assembly proccess and detailing of every item, Segra for providing the space, materials and equipment to do this and Christian Garcia for photographing the end result.
Be sure to check out the making of video at the bottom of this post. Enjoy!
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